10 year warranty

10 year warranty on the setting

We can stand behind our product because we only use the highest quality suppliers and the most talented crafts people. Our bench has been casting for 50 years!

Jewellery is symbolic, a piece should last as long as the memory that came with it. We love each of our pieces, we want them looking their best and keeping you happy, so we at Lucy Loves Moissanite provide a 10 year warranty on the materials and workmanship in your ring, earring or pendant setting. 

It's easy to claim. Use the contact form and we'll respond by the next business day, if not before.

Lifetime warranty on the gemstone

Charles and Colvard provide a lifetime warranty on the moissanite gemstone in your moissanite ring or pendant, guaranteeing the stone will never fade, change or darken. Its unlikely you'll need to, but a card with instructions on how to claim will be supplied with your moissanite gemstone.